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Each employee is responsible for quality. Quality must and does drive all activities, project and administration. It must be considered to be given. Quality is viewed from two perspectives; the actual production of quality work and perception on the part of recipients of our work, whether internal or external, that a quality product has been delivered. Substance and perception are of equal value. Most importantly, the drive for equality is passionate and continuous.


Clients’ needs are anticipated and actions should be targeted to satisfy their ultimate goals. Activities on behalf of our clients are also always within the envelope of our own Great Lakes Construction Company’s values. One of the most, if the most important aspect of customer orientation is dependability such that products, schedules, appearances and clarity are never missed absent. We will always deliver on commitments.


To be a leader in our respective professions, there must never ending quest for new ideas. This quest includes the development of home grown ideas as well as the applications of concepts developed elsewhere. New ideas include both technical process innovation as well as concepts designed to control costs with efficiency within our quality objectives as the ultimate goal.

Tecoc using world class materials, providing first class services and more than 100 employees

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